Veteran’s Park | Arlington TX Family Photographer

I always remind Matt that one of my best memories of him as a little kid was sitting on the front row of church listening intently to the preacher while holding a bucket of tadpoles in his lap from the creek just outside.  Ironically, I also knew his wife Ashley from the same church when she was a little girl.  Their paths never crossed at church (that they remember) but they dated and married years later.  Funny how those things happen-

I decided to take this Navy family to Veteran’s Park in Arlington, TX for our photo session.  It’s a huge park that I spent time exploring when I was kid.  It is massive and sprawling and had Matt not been along I might still be wondering around trying to find my way out or possibly living with wolves by now.

We dodged the rain, shot a little and chatted a lot to catch up on old times and get to know the three new Castleberrys.  

Well, they were new to me.

Check them out–  

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