Darby at Rangers Ballpark | Arlington, TX Senior Photographer


The Rangers Ballpark is inarguably one of finest examples of architecture in the city of Arlington.  A breathtaking retro-structure of brick and Texas Sunset Red granite, I’ve incorporated the ballpark into my work several times and I frequently use the surrounding areas for my senior and family photography.

As the Texas Rangers were away working on the Seattle Mariners, we used the calm in the storm (which usually surrounds the ballpark on game days) to capture some unique memories for our featured senior, Darby.

It was a fun evening at the Rangers Ballpark with Darby.  No crowds. No cheering.  Just a senior at the start of a most important year that will undoubtedly fly by too quickly.  We strolled (and drove) around the premises with Mom and friend and even adventurously dodged traffic to get a certain shot.

Darby did a fantastic job being comfortable in front of the camera and rocking the wardrobe changes.  As the sun eased its way down for the evening, we settled into an unassuming corner of the ballpark to savor the pinks, blues and purples of the moment and shot until we had no more light.  Then we actually shot some more…

Check out a few memories from Darby’s senior portrait session:


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