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Family Portraits
I love when the light and the models and the magic all come together during a photo shoot.  You can really tell when your subjects are comfortable in front of the camera.  This family made my job easy because I hardly had to give any direction ( I tend to prefer it that way)!    
I met Brittany when she was a little girl at church camp and ran into her again years later when I taught high school.  I’m betting I could dig up pictures of her participating in a camp balloon relay or shaving cream fight, but I’ll leave them be for now.  Her oldest son is about the age she was when I first met her!  Crazy how that works and difficult to grasp how quickly time flies.       
I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that, although I have been to River Legacy Park for a special fall evening event a few years ago, I’ve never wondered around and explored the park.  I have a feeling I’m the last resident in Arlington to discover all of its amazing features…and I hardly got started! 
River Legacy Park is a great spot for two energetic boys to explore, run, jump and especially collect acorns.  Plenty of boulders to ninja kick from if that’s important to you.  And it really should be..   
The final image in this post is what happens when we get our feelings hurt in a friendly skirmish with our big brother.  These two young gentlemen have a lot of fun together.  So, by the end of the session all was well and a smile prevailed for the last photo taken…
Here are a few of our shots …

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