Baby Bella On Her Way | East Texas Maternity Family Photographer I Winnsboro Photographer

I love shooting in East Texas since it usually means a visit with my family.  The area has some amazing  scenery and is probably what most people imagine when they think of Texas.  

Even though I have been to Winnsboro, TX  many times, my knowledge of its landmarks are limited.  So I really relied heavily on this couple to guide me a bit.

Maurissa and David picked an amazing lake view for this photo session in the East Texas town of Winnsboro, which is known for its Autumn Trails.   I’ve done several shoots in East Texas and I’m not sure there are any bad locations.  Piney and beautiful, Lake Winnsboro provided the perfect setting for a preview of Bella and her parents.

As I am slightly behind on my blog posts, I decided I’d better let you look now…before Bella makes her dramatic entrance and begins an important new chapter in her already amazing life.

Introducing:  Mom, Dad and Bella…  

Check out their slideshow…

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