Amy’s Texas Shoot | Arlington Photographer


I enjoy working with models and using that time to experiment with different types of lighting.  Amy has helped me on numerous occasions, assisting with equipment, lighting and even some modeling.  My goal was to get some interesting head shots with a “country” feel and Amy was a natural.

Always on the search for great open fields, I discovered an amazing wheat field in southwest Arlington.  We used natural light for some of the field shots and off camera flash (shot through an umbrella) for others.  The cowboy hat was perfect given our locale …after all, we ARE in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas.  I would have given anything for a John Deere tractor prop.

As the sun started to set we made our way to a high school football stadium where we used the chain linked fences, bleachers and street lights to shoot some images with a different feel to them.

Once the sun set I used my SaberStrip and reflector in combination with the parking lot lights.  We shot until the maintenance man warned us that security was about to lock us inside the stadium area!  

Different situations call for different lighting strategies.  Check out the variety of looks we got from combining natural light and off camera flash.        

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