Rock Climbing at River Legacy Park | Arlington TX Senior Photographer

Senior Portraits are always more special with friends or family around.  I always encourage my seniors to bring along a friend, big sister or mom and dad to share in the excitement of their on-location senior photography experience.  

Matthew made the trip from Joshua, TX to Arlington River Legacy Park for his senior portraits– bringing Mom, Dad and two younger brothers.  The more the merrier!

At Dad’s suggestion we descended the rock wall and flung equipment, risking life and limb (dramatic effect), down into the riverbed.  I’ve photographed at River Legacy Park on many occasions but never thought (wisely) to take a bride or small child over the walls and down to the water.  There are better areas of the park with easier access to do this, but none quite as fun and adventurous.  Dad was an awesome assistant and younger brother had fun helping with lights.  We got some cool shots.

Back on land… we used the sprawling landscape of River Legacy to vary our scenes throughout the park.

My goal with senior photography is to always capture a balance of cool shots, Mom shots (smiles), serious shots and even a couple of crazy shots.  At sunset, we even managed a few sunset images that included one with Matthew and his little bro (not the lighting assistant).  He’s a good big brother.            

It’s seems early, but the school year really is nearly half over, so here’s an early congrats to Matthew and the Joshua High School Class of 2013.  Hang in there!  

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