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Family Portraits

Boys, bicycles, trains and baseball.

I’m always amazed at how much kids grow up in a year!  It’s been that long since I last photographed the Stone and McKinney family– and bicycles have managed to theme themselves into both sessions.
Eventually I’ll be photographing three daredevils on dirt bikes…and maybe three grown brothers on Harleys at some point!

I wanted to capture just how grown up the oldest has become as well as the excitement of the bright-eyed middle child.  The youngest was making a final appearance with his favorite blanket (maybe we’ll drag it out of the attic for senior portraits) and I was determined to document his true smile –instead of his funny camera smile.  I think we succeeded!

We enjoyed catching a few moments of these guys just being boys: Playing. Thinking. Pretending. Telling stories.  Even a few images to celebrate the excitement of new beginnings for the family.

Check out our fun…

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