Texas Rangers Ballpark Photographer I Arlington, TX Photographer

I jump at any opportunity to mix photography and sports.  Not only athletic events,  but any sports theme in general seems to add a little extra fun and interest to a photo session.

This awesome family love their sports.  We made a great choice to shoot their photo session on location at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.  The timing was perfect as we strategically picked a travel day for the Texas Rangers, who were on the journey back home towards a Championship Series victory.  It was an exciting time in Arlington once again as our Rangers made their way closer to the World Series!   
The Ballpark is a beautiful structure and its surrounding area is very park-like and scenic.  It was buzzing with ticket sales and national/local media setting up and readying for baseball the next night (which I attended!).

So, we came out to shoot an interesting Christmas card picture along with a session for each of the kids.

There were so many perfect areas to shoot in that it was a bit overwhelming and we just had to get started.  Everyone was so comfortable in front of the camera and that made my job quite easy.  Beautiful mom and kids with so many great shots that I’ll be highlighting them each in another blog post.

Later in the session the kids traded their Ranger jerseys in for a high school baseball uniform, cheerleading/modeling outfit and a Tae Kwon Do dobok.  

Check out a few images from our time at the Rangers Ballpark…

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