The Preserve at McCormick Park | Euless Texas Outdoor Family Photographer

Family Portraits
One of the thrills of spending years in education and youth ministry is hearing from former students.  Facebook has made it so easy to reconnect and I’ve always been interested in “whatever happened to…” 
Well, Nicia married Mateo a little over a year ago and is about to be a college graduate.  She is one of my more recent students, yet time seems to fly by so quickly that I was surprised when she reminded me of her high school graduation year.  She has a cool job with a cool company.  Her faith is strong and she is just as sweet a young lady as I remember her a few years ago.  
Nicia and Mateo were fun to shoot because the entire session had the feel of a newly engaged couple and I think that shows in every image we captured.  We strolled around the Preserve at McCormick Park in Euless, TX for awhile and used the changing landscapes as our backdrops.  I’m so glad I don’t work in a studio!        
Nicia’s little brother came with us for a photo session.  He was a quite an awesome character and you’ll be seeing his photo session featured in another post soon.   
Not sure Nicia is ready to call me Jason, after knowing me as Mr. Waite for several years.  But that’s okay, I still find myself most comfortable calling many of my former teachers/principals by their last names.  Do they even have first names?   
Here are a few captures from my time with Nicia and Mateo… and check out the slideshow with Danny!   

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