Pomp and Circumstance | Northwood University

Can four years really pass that quickly?  Oh, you three have NO idea.  
I’ll always remember this session as a perfectly cool April evening set on the beautiful Northwood University campus with three smart and charming ( I want to say kids so badly) college students…who are now degreed alumni!
Erica worked in my office at the high school, Nicia was one of my students and Miguel is a new friend I met that afternoon on campus.  I am proud of these three just for “making it happen.”  They will enter a challenging world armed with business degrees, youthful ideas and the opportunity to bring about change.  Exciting things await them and it’s cool to be a part of ending one chapter and watching them begin a new one (I’m sure they heard that speech at commencement!).   
Congrats and Godspeed!  

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