Kobie at the Texas Rangers Ballpark | Arlington Family Photographer

I mentioned in previous posts that Kobie’s family session with mom and siblings turned into four separate blog posts because we created so many awesome images of him and his brother and sister.  They were all at ease in front of the camera and that just translated into fantastic shots around the Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.  

Recently, a couple of these images have even garnered interest from Getty Images, a major stock photography company with a huge online presence.
Kobie’s interest right now is in Tae Kwon DO.  He was a man of few words during our shoot, but don’t let that fool you.  The smile rarely leaves his face, but once Kobie transforms (like a super hero) into his dobok he can do serious damage…although he is disciplined enough not to go all Billy Jackyea old school, but holla if you get the reference) on anybody without good reason.

Check out Kobie’s photo session…

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