Calvin Family | Fort Worth Stockyards Family Photographer


One of the best things about having Jason Waite Photography on Facebook is that it allows me the chance to connect with “old” friends and work with them on many occasions.  When I am in an interesting location reuniting and hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in awhile I nearly always have one of those “do I really get paid to do this” moments!

Angie was a cheerleader for our elementary football team and I played on the team with her brother as well.  I have home movies to prove this.  We all went through junior high and high school together.  But that was just a few years ago right?   

It was awesome to see Angie and a privilege to meet her husband and their two kids.  Their oldest recently returned from serving in Iraq and I was seriously honored to document some of this family’s time together.  It is always a pleasure to spend time alongside impressive young people.  Do I really get paid to do this?  Good times with good folks-

The Stockyards seem to present unique areas to shoot in each time I show up.  They are exciting to visit on the weekend, but we picked a night during the week and it kind of felt like our own personal studio.

I think our shoot is successful when Mom is happy and all the guys are smiling…even between my shots (family photos are not our favorite thing).  As always, we stumbled upon a couple of sweet spots…

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