Paschal High School Homecoming I Fort Worth Event Photographer

Event Photography
Shooting a special event is always interesting, unique and exciting.  When teenagers are involved the excitement amps up a bit!   
Hao recently asked me to photograph her daughter and a group of good friends in a gathering before leaving for the freshman homecoming dance.  It was the first big formal event of their exciting new high school careers.  Stunning and elegant young ladies…handsome young gentlemen…at least twenty of the most standout high school freshmen I’ve ever been around (moms and dads be very proud).  All were impressive!  
After a quick lighting setup on the wraparound porch of Hao’s beautiful American Foursquare style home near one of the historic areas of Fort Worth, TX, I snapped away for anyone who was willing to step up to the camera.  The girls paired up and grouped up while the guys mostly chilled in the background.        
I enjoyed being with them and briefly chatting with the guys on the front porch about self tied vs. dad tied tie knots.  Some of these kids have known each other since third grade!  So it was a very special moment in time for these young men and women.  For me it was a privilege to be there and help create something to last beyond the evening.

I think they’ll look back at these images and clearly remember this moment in the fall of 2011.   A memento to bring back smiles and memories on graduation night in a few years or a keepsake to marvel at with the same special friends during a ten year reunion or beyond…

But today we’ll enjoy them for what they are…Good times with good friends.  

Here are a few of those shots — and a slideshow!



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