Days Away from Completion – On Location HGTV Curb Appeal:The Block | New Season

The new Pace family home front is coming together thanks to HGTV’s Curb Appeal: The Block! The local remodelers and landscapers have been working diligently over the past couple of weeks to stay on schedule and meet the critical deadlines of filming a TV show.    
The family was relocated today so that the finishing touches could be put into place for the big reveal/block party which is only a few days away. 
I’ll post some slightly delayed updates over the next few days so I don’t spoil any surprises for the family!  I stopped by the site today and the work I saw was outstanding.  It is really coming together in an impressive way.
The family has a new driveway which transitions into a slate walkway and leads to an amazing porch…with some major swing action going on up there. The driveway/walkway will serve well as an access ramp for the Pace’s youngest son, and will probably work well with scooters and skateboards, too.  Two light posts are positioned in the yard along with some beautiful landscaping and more of the slate incorporated into a retaining wall in front of the tree. 
The family is excited along with the neighbors and the cast/crew.  Stay tuned for more on location details on the final filming of this episode.  The block party reveal is going to be major! 
Building the walkway
Adding details over the garage

The beginnings of a family porch swing
Custom everything

This is the Pace kids’ artwork that you might remember seeing in my previous post.  John Gidding’s design incorporated these hand prints (and footprints) into the new family porch.  Good stuff!  

They chose a color and the door is actually already finished…with a couple of added surprises.  
Earlier this month…Before Curb Appeal: The Block

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