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I am so glad the sweltering heat of summer has passed and fall is finally in the air.  Although summer is still my favorite time of year, the fall may be bringing some competition as my appreciation for this season seems to grow every year.  It’s sort of like a bit of summer with a mix of winter…at least in this part of Texas.  The best of both worlds.  

One thing is certain, October is a GREAT time for an outdoors photo shoot!

I recently met up with the Burgin family at a local park for a session with the three youngest members.  I’ve known the family for years but it was my first time to meet all of the little Burgins.  (I met Allison when she was a summer missionary at Mission Arlington and Rick played a vital role in my finishing grad school at DBU.  And that’s just the short story on these two).   Needless to say, the kids were as fun to be around as their mom and dad.  After three whole minutes they came alive and were naturals in front of the camera.  Lots of energy… and patience with lenses, flashes and video at every turn.

One of the purposes of my blog is to share with you a few of my favorite images from my time with each family.  I am posting the tip of the iceberg from my afternoon with the Burgin family–  my favorites were impossible to choose.

More often than not I am drawn to the images that come from those “in between” moments with families.  They aren’t always the most suitable shots for framing and hanging over the fireplace, but they are always the ones that really make you smile because they highlight that certain look or capture that special interaction.

I think we captured the thoughtfulness, playfulness, uniqueness, charm, action and beauty of Avigail, J and Katen.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t post all 67 pictures.  So, here are a few-

And for the record…I didn’t NEED to paint or boost any eye color.  That’s just how he rolls.

Here is the Burgin slideshow if you missed it:


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