Backyard Summer Session | McKinney TX Family Photographer

Family Portraits

McKinney Texas is one of those DFW cities that I’ve driven through and around but never really stopped to explore much.  Interestingly, CNN’s Money Magazine (2010) ranked McKinney as the 5th best place to live in the United States and its exponential population growth has been recognized locally and nationally.

It’s a beautiful place and I took time afterwards to explore the historic downtown area as well as the Adriatica.

But I was here on business and looking forward to spending time at the home of the Watkins family.  After discussing some of the amazing places we could shoot in the area, home base seemed most fitting for this occasion.   Sometimes mixing family pictures + travel + Texas heat + little ones can equal too much…so we opted to camp out in their beautiful backyard.

Home is always a fun place for family photography.

The kids felt cool and comfortable in familiar surroundings and even the four-legged family member was able to make an appearance in his own domain.

Mom told me the kids would be cool with my camera, since she takes a lot of pictures with her own.  They were perfect models and played naturally as we sat and chatted about dogs and lions and sweatbands.      

So check out what we accomplished with a friendly family on a July morning in a sleepy neighborhood nestled in the growing city of McKinney Texas…    

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