That’s a Wrap! – HGTV Curb Appeal: The Block On Location | New Season

January has been an exciting start to the new year and for the past several weeks I’ve been documenting HGTV’s Curb Appeal: The Block and their makeover of the Pace family’s home in Euless, Texas.  It’s been interesting to watch the changes and a pleasure getting to know the cast, crew, family and neighbors.  Check out the beginning of the story here.My plan was to showcase the finished product on this final post, but I assured the producer that I would not reveal the completed house…since we both agreed that I didn’t want the HGTV network to contact me with any legal reminders.  Understandably, they want to keep images of the completed project off of the internet and a surprise until after the episode airs this summer.

Therefore, when the time is right, I’ll post a few before and after shots to show the transformation.  For now, take my word for it and imagine a $20,000 remodel to your yard and home front!
One of the major remodels was the Pace’s driveway, which now flows smoothly into a stone walkway (ADA compliant) and leads to an amazing porch area.  A major plus for the family and a huge help in the future for youngest son, Trent!
I’ll announce the episode air date as soon as I hear from someone.  It will be so interesting to see how several weeks of footage is edited into a single show.
I was also invited to the Block Party of the other homes in Euless that were being filmed for the one hour Rachel Ray/Curb Appeal special. Those three homes are all on one block and were given a spectacular remodel at the same time the Pace family was receiving theirs across town.
The Block Parties are the grand finale of each Curb Appeal project and serve to bring neighbors out and together for a celebration surrounding the homeowners and their “new” home.  Not even drizzly weather would keep friends, family and neighbors from showing up to enjoy this day with the Pace family.
Preparing for the final shoot
Reuniting with the homeowners
Walking with the family through all of the changes
Job well done – Host and Producer watching the family enjoy their new home
John Gidding admiring and documenting the finished project
Interviewing the Pace family

This is the only interview video I can show without giving away too much of the amazing house!

Friends and family
Producer, directors and landscaper.  Can you find the hidden Chihuahua?
Bill Beckwith
Bill Beckwith is the new contractor on the show.  His episodes will begin airing with the new season this spring.
Host John Gidding discussing the Pace’s new home with an excited neighbor
Bill Beckwith
Bill Beckwith, the show’s new contractor, and local landscaper Clayton Bitler.
Interviewing friends and family
Host, Kimberly Lacy mingling at the Block Party
A neighborhood toast to the completed project
John and Kim become members of Trent’s Team

Start at the beginning of the story! 

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