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Senior Portraits
Abbey and her mother made the trip from East Texas to the DFW area so that we could use the interesting Deep Ellum backdrop as our location of her senior portraits.  Mom is a photographer so it was helpful to have another creative eye along for location scouting.

Abbey is a beautiful young lady with both modeling and athletic skills and holds the honor of valedictorian of her senior class.  After sorting through all of the universities who were courting her, Abbey will be headed to Austin after graduation to become a Longhorn! 

She was also tough enough to bear the cold weather and did an amazing job on one of those cloudy afternoons when the temperature decides to drop.  Interestingly, an overcast day makes for perfect lighting conditions, so we set out with several outfit changes and a mobile changing room ( SUV with tinted windows).

The first image I shot is the first image you see below, and needless to say I was ready to end the session and stop while I was ahead!  

We had great outdoor locations to choose from but it got interesting when we stepped into a few of the Deep Ellum storefronts. The Millineum store welcomed us and allowed us to take a few shots inside their mecca of all things vintage (with a heavy emphasis on 70s/80s memorabilia).  The Art Gallery next door hosted us for a few minutes and let us stroll around inside for several more unique shots.

I love the “Please Do Not Feed the Zombies” tshirt hanging in the window above Abbey’s head in the last shot.  That was actually the final image of the evening since the light outside was starting to dim, the temperature was dropping and it was beginning to rain.  Another five minutes and we were all gonna be zombies-

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