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I’ve really enjoyed the big changes in my daily routine that have come about since making a recent career move.  Many of you know that I decided to shift gears in August and untether (my new favorite term) from a thirteen year career in public education.  The last thirty days have been a refreshing time of retooling, rethinking, planning, adjusting, evaluating, exercising (Insanity, again) and a massage or two.

It feels good to be doing something different and life has slowed down a bit — which often allows for meaningful reflection.

I’m thankful for the opportunities I am having now and they are a constant reminder of all things good.  I am thankful for the desire to do something I enjoy: photography.  It keeps things interesting for me and I love the satisfaction of peering through a camera and creating something memorable for others.

In the midst of this new (ad)venture I am genuinely thankful that my expenses for October have already been covered and this has inspired me to do something.  I’ll come back to this in a few lines.

So the reality is that this is now a business and it must sustain me.  I’ve worked hard to become easily sustainable and I am thankful even for this.  I want to keep things simple and I want to make you a simple offer.

I’ll be shooting for FREE in October.  I don’t foresee this ever happening again, so you might want to take advantage of it.  I would.  Think of it as a Grand Opening of sorts.  Or the way Chick-fil-A gives away delicious breakfast sandwiches to everyone in the USA for a day…only no chickens will be harmed in our photo sessions.  

I’ve just spent way too much time trying to create some great deal for my services until it was all so complicated that I didn’t even want to do it…which is a shame.  So how about just FREE.  The details are this:

Send me an email ( and we will set up a shoot.  After the shoot, you may order prints from my online gallery or purchase a CD of the images.  The gallery and CD are competitively priced and there are no packages to contemplate and no pressure to buy.  Just order what you need.  Simple.

Honestly, I know you want some updated family pictures since your new arrival (which was three years ago now).  I also know it only recently sunk in how grown up your son looks as he proudly posed for a quick picture before heading off to the first day of school a few weeks ago.  Your granddaughter has been talking about senior pictures.  Christmas is practically around the corner (according to Walmart) so what about a professional photo of the family to send out?  Head shots for your model/actor portfolio need updating.  Maybe she just said, YES!  This could even be a gift and we wouldn’t need to mention it was free.  

The ONLY thing I ask from you is that you keep your appointment.  I really think that my work is worth much more, but I want you to have it and I look forward to spending some time with you and your family.

This is good for the DFW area…but not to leave out my people in East Texas or down south near Rockport-Fulton/Corpus area—-I’ll be in your area for a limited time so if our dates line up then we’re in business.  If you live in some place such as Greece, I’ll be happy to honor this deal…but you’ll need to cover my RT flight from DFW!

November and December are back to regular prices ( and 2012 will likely bring an updated pricing structure.  I have limited slots available so let’s talk now-                

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