Vannara: Renaissance Man | Arlington TX Senior Photographer

Surprisingly, I’ve never had to cancel a photo session because of rain.  I’ve had several close calls with crazy Texas weather and even had to run for cover while the showers passed once or twice.  Thankfully, we were able to get some fantastic shots of Vannara just before a serious thunderstorm abruptly announced its presence.    
Vannara is into a little bit of everything.  He practices martial arts and is on the varsity tennis team at my alma mater.  He even decided to take up the violin his senior year!  Just an all around interesting dude with smarts and a quick sense of humor.  
It’s not often that I shoot senior portraits involving a sword, tennis racket and a violin.  Although I wouldn’t normally recommend that particular combination of props on school property, we did come up with some really unique shots.  No photographers or models were injured during this photo session… 
Congratulations Vannara and the Class of 2012!     

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