Jordan | Arlington TX Senior Photographer

One of the perks of being a senior portrait photographer is working with a great group of young men and women from our local high schools.  The class of 2012 has been exceptional and I can only look forward to the Class of 2013!

My seniors are always encouraged to bring their own props to a photo sesson.  Props can truly help make your images specifically about YOU.  A prop can be a hat, letterman jacket,  sunglasses or other piece of wardrobe or  it can be a soccer ball, a sword, balloons…and yes, definitely a shiny red Mercedes Benz convertible.

S0 not only did Jordan help choose her senior portrait location but she brought along her own hair/makeup and support crew: mom, friend (Rachel) and boyfriend, Joey…and Joey brought along his grandmother’s classic 1980’s red convertible.

Jordan simply had fun with her different styles, wardrobe and props and as a result, we were able to  capture a really nice variety of beautiful images that I think will help preserve the special memories of her senior year.

Congrats to Jordan and the Arlington High School Class of 2012!

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