Mission Arlington & Jason Waite Photography

Mission Arlington

Welcome to my first Jason Waite Photography blog post.  I’ll be sharing my shots and thoughts from wherever my camera takes me.  I am currently a senior and family photographer in the Dallas – Fort Worth area.  My plan is to simply keep this blog updated with my current projects.  But, I’ll start with something about me…

So, I’ve volunteered with Mission Arlington for the last fifteen years. Although I’ve functioned in several different roles over the years, I now work mostly with junior high and high school students at a central Arlington, TX apartment complex. The owners allow us to utilize a clubhouse area for worship services, afterschool activites, food giveaways and a variety of other events.

The kids and families at this apartment ministry were the subject of many of my very first photo projects.  Although I currently shoot with my trusty workhorse Nikon D700, some of my favorite shots to this day are from this period and made with the Nikon D40.

I’m not a big fan of posing for this type of shooting, so I usually just point the camera and allow people to either ignore me or fall into their own “pose.”  Even the praying boy below was unposed.

Most of these were taken at a spring break kickoff event.  Every image tells a story…

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