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Yesterday I realized that my blog is one year old today!  If you’ve ever started a blog then you understand that it is tough to begin and terrifying to click PUBLISH for the first time.

Typically, I use my blog to spotlight current projects such as a family sessions or senior portraits.  On occasion I’ve shared a personal project , a seminar I just attended or a special deal I want you to benefit from.  In the future I’d like to start mixing it up with more personal work, unique projects and even photography related topics that many of you ask about.

Lots of interesting changes and opportunities for Jason Waite Photography!  Here are a few since my first post in March 2011:

  • Full-time since August 2011!  Yes, I recently took a break from thirteen years in public education. The challenges and opportunities have been fantastic!
  • The new JWP logo is now in place and I am still finding new places to plug it in.
  • The website was overhauled and has a completely updated look.  Check it out @  It contains my pricing info and just about everything you need to know about my professional photography business.
  • My focus (pun intended) is currently on high school seniors and family portraits.  
  • In January, I shot behind the scenes of a couple of episodes of HGTV Curb Appeal.
  • I had the amazing opportunity to shoot in Italy, Greece and Croatia last summer!  The JWP travel gallery is always open for browsing…
  • As a result of my travel images, the JWP blog enjoys a lot of interesting international traffic.
  • My blog has also taken on a new look since its debut.  It has a Dynamic View function so that you can view it in a variety of styles…whichever suits you.  Magazine View is my personal favorite.  
  • Both the website and blog are now optimized to look amazing on your mobile device.  Check and tell me if I’m lying!  However, I can only vouch for the spectacular iPhone 4S. 
  • These days I’m available to shoot all around the Dallas / Fort Worth area as well as east Texas and the Rockport-Fulton / Corpus Christi / Port Aransas area.       

My most read blog post to date is still Karlee and Justin’s wedding.  Justin is my 20 year old nephew who lost a battle with Leukemia this past December.  He was in remission just long enough to marry his 5th grade crush last summer.  The wedding was a special time for our family and I love that so many have been able to enjoy it.  

I’d like to encourage you to drop comments on my blog.  I enjoy your questions and comments and I’ll be sure to respond when appropriate.  I’ve also made it easy to subscribe to my blog… if you are a big blog reader.  

Always let me know if I can help. Thanks for your many ways of showing me the love– your support is deeply appreciated!     

Greece 2011

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