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Under the Pier – Horace Caldwell Pier
I’ve been making trips to the Rockport/Fulton area ever since one of my favorite families moved there in 1994.  A friend of mine who lives about twenty miles from this area in Port Aransas went on vacation for a couple of weeks, so I was happy enough to borrow her home for a few days.
Horace Caldwell Pier – Port Aransas, TX
Port Aransas, TX


My agenda was to scout a few photography locations and to work in a trip to Winton’s Island Candy after checking out the beach.

I was suprised to find the island relatively deserted and I later realized that my travel timing was perfect (A few days after I returned home I happened upon an article about Port Aransas in December.  The article title describes my discovery: The Beach All To Yourself).

Port Aransas Wildlife

At times, I felt like the only one on the beach.  With the exception of a few scattered fishermen along the South Jetty, there was hardly a soul in sight.  It’s slightly eerie having the entire beach to yourself.  The wind was present, but just enough to kick up a sandy haze ever so often with its cool breeze and cloudy sky.  Makes for interesting images but not so cool for lens and camera maintenance.

Port Aransas, TX – South Jetty
Port Aransas, TX – South Jetty
Port Aransas Fisherman
Port Aransas, TX – South Jetty Wildlife

Just as I was leaving town early afternoon on Monday, the sun came out and the temperature moved into the upper 70s and even reached 80.  I delayed my six hour drive home by at least 4 hours and took the ten minute drive to the beach once again… shooting images with my iPhone and Nikon.  Which, by the way, led to my driving home at night during thunderstorms and into the worst fog I have ever experienced.  But well worth it!

Port Aransas, TX Beach
Port Aransas, TX Beach

I’m happy that several prints of these images are now hanging around Port Aransas and a couple more are displayed in the offices of Port Aransas High School!

Port Aransas, TX Beach
Port Aransas, TX – Caldwell Pier

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