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I’ve spent the last couple of weeks posting images from my two week adventure in Greece, Italy and Croatia.  I am posting in chronological order so check out my previous images here
Today I’m going light on the text and just posting a few memories and thoughts of my stay in Chania, Crete …
  • Tasting Roki, which is a local beverage that I would only use to sterilize a wound, remove paint or possibly fuel a tiki torch.

  • Meeting a waiter at a waterfront restaurant who was from New York (complete with an interesting story).  He was very happy to see us and fascinated to find out that we were from Texas…since we all carry guns.  After his father died, he visited Greece to claim his father’s land.  He never returned to the States.   

  • Riding the glass bottom boat to a small island which was once a leper colony. 

  • Visiting a picturesque city park– watching local kids ride bikes and play in the fountain, relaxing across from a group of jovial Greek women and eavesdropping on their lively conversation (is it eavesdropping when you don’t know Greek?) –wishing I could sit on the park bench to join the bantering group of old men and getting in on their good-natured card game. 

  • Watching customers have their feet “treated” in a tank of Garra Rufa fish 

  • Exploring the Venetian Harbour and making my way to the Chania Lighthouse.  

I seriously miss Greece…      
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