HGTV Curb Appeal: The Block On Location Day 2 | New Season

Monday’s rain prevented the HGTV Curb Appeal: The Block crew from filming on location outside at the Pace family home. The next best place?  Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, of course.  It was the perfect time of day since the lunch group had just emptied and the dinner crowd was still a few hours away.
So far my only direction from the producer has been to stay out of the shots.  I think that is pretty much the standard rule for everyone who isn’t supposed to be on camera.  So far I haven’t had to be told twice.
Unlike my weekend experience, the entire crew was present this time:  Host John Gidding and his design assistant, 2 camermen, grip, hair/makeup, a sound tech and the show’s producer.
John Gidding is the Turkish born, Yale and Harvard educated designer who runs his own design firm in New York and also hosts HGTV’s Curb Appeal: The Block.  He’s hosted a variety other shows on the network before this current gig with Curb Appeal.  John and his crew have the exciting task of seeking out people who need help and spending a $20,000 budget to make things a little better for them.  Not surprisingly, he and his entire crew are consummate professionals and must be some of the nicest people on television.
So this is the point in the show where John Gidding presents his plans to the lucky family.  The Pace family had a few general ideas of some of the changes that would take place, but this was the big reveal during which they were able to see the details in a digital 3D rendering of their new home exterior. The Paces were thrilled to say the least.
The scene went very quickly as the plans were revealed and a few extra shots were set up for continuity.

Take 1
The sound is challenging in a working restaurant.  Ringing phones, ice being scooped and a crying baby.
Three different camera are used to film the design reveal
About to get started
Interestingly, parts of the episodes are filmed on a Canon DSLR.  Other parts are filmed on my iPhone 4S, but will never air on HGTV.
Host John Gidding uses an iPad to present his design plan to the Pace family.
John flew out last month to check out the Pace house and create his design.
Filming the main scene at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in Euless, TX.
Camera 2
Camera 3


I’m not allowed to use a flash during filming for obvious reasons.  This is the producer making sure it all looks right.
Several separate shots were filmed afterwards such as John and the Pace family entering the restaurant.
A view through the monitor
Interview with the Pace family.  There are actually six total, but the kids will enter the picture later on.
Making it all sound right
That’s a wrap!  Excellent job– these two are naturals.
John Gidding
John Gidding and the Pace family
With clear blue skies and cool weather, demo and construction began on the Pace house this past Wednesday.  I’ll be giving short updates as the construction team works on transforming the Pace’s front yard and house.

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