Dallas Food Photographer – Café Lane Red Oak, TX

JKW_1299Café Lane | Dallas Food Photographer

I love to office out of various places around town just to make my mornings or days a little more interesting.  A change of location can do wonders for creativity.

Coffee houses are my favorite place to hang out as they offer the smell of fresh roasted Joe (I don’t drink it but i love the smell), internet and often a dark corner to huddle in with my Macbook.

Last week I stopped by chef Tommy Britt’s new Café Lane in Red Oak, TX (formerly Muddys).   I worked with Tommy many moons ago and later ran into him again while finishing a degree at Dallas Baptist University.

Entrepreneurs need fans and encouragement.  Of course, paying customers never hurt either.

Location, nailed.  Food, perfect.  Smoothie, green.

As luck would have it my camera was with me so we decided to do some quick food photography for social media and the website.  A housewarming gift of sorts.

Stop by when you’re in the Dallas area and enjoy some of the uniqueness that Café Lane and chef Tommy have to offer…

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