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professional business headshot
The professional business headshot can be critical to the first impression you or your business has on a client, colleague or potential employer.

Many articles even suggest a great headshot boosts your own confidence!

With well over 1.5 billion users on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, the professional headshot has become more important than ever.  That’s a lot of potential first impressions!

Recently I received a marketing piece in the mail for the grand reopening of a remodeled resort hotel.    The ad featured professional photography that showed guests enjoying themselves and showcasing the new amenities.

Then my eye was drawn to the upper corner where the manager greeted me with a warm message…accompanied by the worst headhshot I’ve ever seen.  It actually appeared to have been cropped from a group photo against an office wall and carelessly snapped with somebody’s point and shoot camera.

I wondered how many people were turned off by that and potentially passed on the great deal he was offering.

The resort’s (and his) five star image was tarnished and a third rate impression was left in its place.

Headshots Are Critical

Authors, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, public figures, physicians, realtors as well as big and small business owners can benefit from having a professional headshot to display on a website, business card, portfolio, book cover or billboard.
The professional headshot can be vital to your livelihood — it can communicate trust and build confidence in your client or be the factor that motivates them to move along to a competitor.

For the actor or model, a quality headshot can mean the difference between being noticed or passed over (working or unemployed!).

A realtor with a dated headshot might be perceived as unprofessional and dismissed before she ever gets to make a personal connection.

professional business headshot

On Location Headshots

Studio headshots are common, but many professionals are opting for outdoor and on-location headshots. These offer a much different style than the traditional studio headshot and can help to communicate a warm and inviting image outside the office setting.      
Whether you’re a:
Real Estate Agent in Mansfield…
Musician or Actor in Dallas…
Physician in Fort Worth…
Corporate Executive in Arlington…
Church Staff in Grapevine…
Candidate in McKinney
Law Office in Las Colinas …
Chiropractor in The Colony
Entrepreneur in Highland Park

Let’s create something professional and confident — warm and inviting — or creative and edgy, whatever your need.

We’ll make it unique to you and your industry.  

Check out a few examples of our work…

actor headshot
professional headshot in dallas
professional business headshot
arlington, tx headshot photographer

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