Momentous Occasion! | Euless Family Photographer

Family Portraits
I often write about how cool it is to shoot with people I know or reunite with friends from long ago through photography.  Most of my photo sessions originate either from Facebook or referrals from past JWP families, but the Bird family found me via Google and then fell in love with my travel images.

Interestingly, this would be their first family photo session together since the youngest daughter (now in her twenties) was a baby!  So, two adult sisters (and family) made the out of state trek to Mom and Dad’s in Euless, TX for a monumental family picture.

Photographing large families is always rewarding (and challenging!).  There is a great energy that comes from being around multiple generation gatherings.  Moms, dads, grand kids, brothers, sisters and cousins all getting together for a picture creates the setting for some really special moments.

I really enjoyed capturing some great images of beautiful kids for the grandparents as well as some memorable moments between a mom and her daughters…and an obviously proud moment between a daddy and his grown girls.

Why wait for a special event?  Bring everyone together and create your own momentous occasion.  It might be the perfect time to capture something special with your clan.  Look what we did with the Bird family…

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