Favorite Photography Locations in Arlington, TX

A few blocks from my house is a really cool blue barn that rests in the middle of a scenic green pasture which faces the street.  It’s one of those locations that I’ve noted in my mind.  One of these days I’ll stop and ask if I can shoot there.  It would make a great background for high school senior portraits.

I’m always looking for great new places to photograph family and senior portraits in Arlington, TX.  The city of Arlington is rich with diverse photography locations and offers plenty of unique parks, amazing features with landmarks and beautiful structures that lend themselves to awesome photo shoots.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite family and senior portrait locations in Arlington, TX.

Below I’ve shared a sample of my images from family and senior photography sessions at each location.  Click on the title if you want to dig in and see more of that location or follow the link at the end for the location website.  All of the images can be found on my blog.

If you’re a photographer, I hope you’ll leave with a few new ideas for locations.  If not, perhaps this post will spark a few ideas for your own senior portraits or family portraits.

So, in no particular order, here are some of the best photography locations in Arlington, TX …


Access to the inside of the Rangers ballpark for a photography session will run you $500/2hr. However, the outside of the ballpark is an amazingly scenic location surrounded by impressive landscape.  The north side has a beautiful sprawling lawn and a large pond.  To the west (across the street) is another area with great landscaping, walking paths and a bridge.  Just take a look around and you’ll find some cool stuff in the immediate area that is within a short walking distance.  Rangers Ballpark website
a boy holding bat at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington tx
senior portrait of girl at rangers ballpark in arlington


River Legacy is a massive 1300 acre park.  I haven’t begun to explore it all, but I have found a few favorite areas that I use often.  The park has a lot of stone structures including pavilions throughout for great backgrounds.  I’ve used the park for engagements, families and seniors.  Bridges, the Trinity River, wildlife and plenty of structures are just a few of the features.  It’s actually ajacent to the River Legacy Living Science Center which offers it’s own unique features.
Take some time to scout the park beforehand and pick out your area.  I like the hilly area because it lends itself to great silhouettes or sunset images.  Be aware there are two different entrances (NW Green Oaks Boulevard or North Collins Street) that will take you to two very different areas of the park.  Just explore them both and have fun finding the connections between the two–there’s too much to tell you about!  River Legacy website
senior boy in riverbed at river legacy park
a family of three silhouette at river legacy park


This is a great spot but you’ll need a member in order to gain access.  There’s nothing like driving around in a golf cart during your shoot.  Beautiful greens and a serene location…Shoot on a golf course if you get the opportunity!


Another great Arlington park that is perfect for family and senior photography. Bridges, colorful plants and garden areas along with large, open, sprawling meadows.  At the appropriate times you can catch patches of bluebonnets and other wildflowers.  Gazebos, a performing arts shell, wildscape/xeriscape gardens and a pond with a fountain are all within Veteran’s Park.  Like most large parks, take a stroll one afternoon before taking your client there.  Make sure you have a compass app available!  Veteran’s Park website 


Another huge area that is impossible to fully describe.  Just check out the College Town area around College Park Center (Spaniolo Dr/Pecan St).   I recently met a client for headshot photography and we were able to shoot in a very small area for an hour and produce a great variety of images.  Also–see the new Engineering Research Building area if you want an architectural feel to your shots (UTA Blvd/College St–just east of Cooper St).   Lots of great buildings and interesting colors.  It’s fairly new and I actually have several shoots booked there.   UTA College Park District Website


This little park lies nestled between an office building and the Franciscan Luxury Apartments off Matlock Rd. near Vandergriff Park.  It’s not even noticeable from the street.  It features stunning foliage colors but only for a very brief time in the fall.  After that, its absolutely dismal in the winter.  Honestly , I haven’t shot there in awhile, but I need to check it out this summer to see what it looks like.  It also has great water features, high grass in a small field, benches and a stone wall for all sorts of cool uses.  Franciscan of Arlington website

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