Silhouette Kite – Arlington TX Photographer

Family Portraits

Sometimes you just gotta turn around and go back.  I struggle with shooting things for fun these days.  I love creating for clients but I’m working on getting back into personal projects.  Shooting for fun.

A few weeks ago I was finishing up a senior portrait session.  I had already packed up and was leaving the parking lot of a public park when I spotted this silhouette scene.

It just happened to be the perfect time of day when the sun was beginning to set.

I shot for about 10 minutes with my Nikon and my iPhone while two boys and their grandmother flew kites high above the setting sun.  The more I shot the more intense the colors became.

My first ever silhouette was by accident.  The flash didn’t fire and the subjects were completely dark. But the sky looked amazing.

Silhouettes can be cool for storytelling.  I try to use them sparingly but they can be an interesting image to use for a family portraits.  We even tried one for this engagement session.

JKW_9480 JKW_9426

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