Karlee and Justin Waite / East Texas Wedding Slideshow


I had the honor of photographing my nephew’s wedding last month.  What an exciting challenge and a special event.  The wedding was special to our families for so many reasons this year. 

I trust this young couple will make it because they have a focus other than themselves.  They don’t live for fleeting happiness, self satisfaction or any other nonsense our world has to offer.  It was evident in their ceremony, the friends who showed to support them up and in the events leading up to the big day (including the years leading up to the big day!).   

You might say they have their heads on straight.  Like many of us, I’d say they are just trying to live each moment in the realization that God is who He says He is.  I am incredibly proud and thankful for them both.   

So, check out the newest Mr. & Mrs. Waite.  They are a special couple!

Pictures to follow soon…

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