Sophie and Her New Family | Dallas Family Photographer | Chinese Adoption

Sophie is almost 2 1/2 years old and has only been in the USA for a couple of months now.  She was named well before her arrival from China last month as the Howard’s began anticipating and praying for her by name some four years ago.  Everyone agrees that she was well worth the wait including her two big brothers.
I’ve known James and Amy since college and I’ve watched them raise two of THE most extraordinary boys.  I can honestly say that these guys are a joy to be around and a testimony to the love and faith of their parents.
   So, the challenge is to photograph a new family of five that includes a cautious two year-old, a nine year old with the imagination of Walt Disney himself and a thirteen year old young man who likely grew another inch while I was writing this.  The temperature is also in the 100’s and nobody is thrilled about sitting outside while I direct and snap pictures.  So the solution is let’s stay home and see what we can get.  And we got plenty.
Here are just a few of my favorites of newest member Sophie, whose life just changed more than she’ll ever know…and a few more of the Howard family, who are selfless and inspiring…more than they’ll ever know.
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