1940s College Senior | Deep Ellum Photographer

Caitlin is a college senior who is now only weeks away from graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington and wanted to create a collection of senior portraits to remember this grand accomplishment in her life.  Caitlin’s plans for the near future are to be right back in the classroom…only this time in the role of teacher.

Caitlin decided on a 1940’s look and quite honestly I had to use google to help me visualize what type of style to expect from that era.  It’s really a classic look and Caitlin pulled it off perfectly against the artsy Dallas backdrop that is Deep Ellum.  

Deep Ellum is always a journey.  I have a few favorite places I like to start when I photograph there, but the path always ends up being unique for each client.  So, I set out on the streets of DE with Caitlin, along with her mom, friend and my assistant and before long our photo quintet was spotted and invited into a bar by one of the merchants.  His establishment wasn’t open to the public yet, but we were given the run of the place.  The interior provided some interesting photo inspiration including a large window which yielded fantastic natural light for our beautiful model.

Once we were back outside, the Deep Ellum landscape carried on and we took full advantage.  Honestly, anywhere Caitlin stood made for a amazing picture!

Since Arlington was home base for all of us, we headed back and met at our second location for an outfit change and a few more images.  I love creating something from nothing and my clients are often amazed at how seemingly nondescript surroundings can make for such scenic backgrounds.  

Just over the horizon in our final images is a busy, noisy stretch of Interstate 20 in southwest Arlington…right across from a 7-11.  But that evening it was a place of reflection, quiet contemplation and memories that I hope will last a lifetime. Congrats, Caitlin!        

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