Feeding the Giraffes | Arlington TX Senior Photographer

Have you ever had lunch with a giraffe?  The Dallas Zoo offers a very up close and personal experience with these amazing animals.  Five bucks gets you some juicy lettuce leaves and all but guarantees a pleasant visit from a friendly neighborhood giraffe.   

Martin High School senior, Larissa, has an interest and love for giraffes.  Both she and her mother thought that this giraffe feeding experience would be just perfect for her senior portraits.  

So, on our day we entered the zoo with a mission:  to meet a giraffe.  After checking out a few different exotic animals and discussing my age old question…would you rather be around for a gorilla escape or a baboon rampage…we headed for the giraffe area.       

Coming face to face with these gentle giants really is quite surreal and was even somewhat of an emotional experience for Larissa.  Even though we ran out of lettuce, I have a feeling she would have been content to stay until the zoo closed that day.

Our second stop on this safari was not too far from the jungle, the Deep Elum arts district.  Check out a few of the images below that we created during our time roaming the streets of Deep Ellum.  And go experience the giraffe feeding for yourself!    

Let’s create something unique for YOUR senior portraits!

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