Bubbles and Sidewalk Chalk | Mission Arlington

Mission Arlington
My church was privileged to have a group of middle school students and adult leaders from Second Baptist Church Houston choose to spend their spring break helping others.

I’ve been a part of this Mission Arlington apartment church in central Arlington for the past fifteen years.  We meet in a clubhouse, which is used for our worship services, after school program, food and clothing pantry and many other services and activites.

There are hundreds of families on the property which translates into more kids and teenagers than we can ever count!

Most of the children stay home during spring break, but every year they look forward to the arrival of other kids from all over the country who come to share music, Bible stories, games and even snacks for a couple of hours each day.    

The community along with the  apartment owners appreciate this because it provides some organized activities for kids who might otherwise be making their own excitement (which can be awesome… or not so awesome).  Parents love it because it provides a safe activity and welcome break.  Of course the kids keep coming back for the the free flowing fun and attention (and snacks!).

We frequently have out of town/state groups visit Mission Arlington to help out and I enjoy watching our kids realize (on some level) that strangers from another place love them enough to come visit and share that love with them.  What better way to communicate the craziness of God’s love and the amazing affection He has for all of us.  This group of kids from SBC Houston helped change lives on their spring break.  They brought some serious tools with them …bubbles, sidewalk chalk and the One who can change lives.          

I took a few shots and created a video.  Don’t miss that video…      Any thoughts?


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