Loftland Show | Dallas Music Photographer


Last month, LABC hosted Rock the Loft which showcased local artists/bands Mikael Aguilar and Bright City Lights and featured the Wisconsin based pop rock band Loftland.


My friend David McDonald organized the event and invited me out to watch.  After David rocked the stage with his turntable skills, the show started and the sounds unfolded.

All three of these acts were new to me so the night was exciting and full of fresh music.


My musical tastes are pretty eclectic so I enjoyed starting the evening off with Mikael Aguilar’s acoustic set which showcased his passion for ministry and songwriting.  Mikael is from Dallas and is just starting to get his music out there.


Bright City Lights is an energetic band from Dallas with a great mix of musical and vocal talent, including an impressive high school student who filled in on guitar on this particular night.  With an EP full of strong songs, they are an easy listen and have a regular spot on my iPod.  Great worship music-


The final act was Loftland and they absolutely surprised me with a power opening that shifted the evening into a completely different mode.  Loftland’s connection to the crowd during songs (and in between) revealed the band’s affection for their fans as well as their heart for sharing the hope they bring to every performance.  These guys are a high energy force to be reckoned with and a must-see live show.     

By the way, Loftland is in the middle of a campaign to fund their next album.  They have the presence, heart and talent that I believe will propel them towards something extraordinary.  Support this young band and get a preorder of their upcoming new album.  Also check out Loftland on iTunes.   

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