Ferrari "Senior" Portraits | Jeremy Bloom Wish of a Lifetime

Jeremy Bloom is a young entrepreneur who is using his resources and recognition as an Olympic gold medalist and NFL player to honor the lifetime wishes of one of our often forgotten populations–senior citizens.

On an August afternoon in Fort Worth TX, 76-year-old Billye got the opportunity to take a drive in her dream sports car thanks to Jeremy Bloom’s Wish of a Lifetime Foundation and DFW Drive Your Dream.

I was thrilled to be contacted by the foundation and I knew I wanted to be a part of this great-grandmother’s ride of a lifetime in a Ferrari F430!  With a sticker price of around $200,000– this Italian sports car takes all of four seconds to go from parked to 60 mph and boasts a top speed of 196 mph.  Billye’s dream was about to come true in a big way!  (You can actually experience that for yourself …without the price tag…and probably not at top speed)!

Billye arrived via van with excited friends in tow and stepped off into the world of Ferrari.  I think she was genuinely surprised to be greeted like a celebrity by cameras and local news crews.  Check out her afternoon with friends, family and a wish of a lifetime…  

Billye’s red Ferrari F430
Greeted by the media!
Admiring the interior
Second thoughts–NO WAY
Excited about the ride
The DFW Elite Toy Museum.  Located on site at DFW Drive Your Dream
Billye’s friends visit the museum while awaiting her return 
Local news interviews
The new Jason Waite Photography company car??
Billye is back from her dream ride!
Thanking the driver
Ron Sturgeon, the Dallas-based entrepreneur and author who founded DFW Drive Your Dream, being interviewed by local media.  On this particular day he drove the Racing Green McLaren MP4-12C to work.      

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