Fun On A Carousel | Arlington TX Family Photographer

Family Portraits
I recently had the pleasure of spending the morning with little Noella and her grandmother (and great-grandmother!) at Red Kane Park in Arlington.  We enjoyed the somewhat unseasonably cool morning (by August standards) watching Noella explore fearlessly around the trees, pond and playground.  

When you’re 18 months old, so many things are still new and quite fascinating.   Ducks and squirrels are your friends, of course.  No Fear!  Swings and slides are still a little unpredictable, but nothing an apple snack can’t fix.

Carousels, however, can be kinda scary… what with the spinning floor beneath the moving horses and surrounded by loud music and all.  But after a while, the terror turns into excitement and moves into the realm of wonder.  

We ended our session with a couple of extra go-arounds on the carousel along with a few hugs and then called it a morning.

Here are a few memories from our morning…

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