SWITCHFOOT @ SpiritFest DFW | Dallas Concert Photographer

I’m always thankful to be Dallas concert photographer.  The Dallas Fort Worth area attracts the best of the best when it comes to tours and live shows.

When SpiritFest DFW came to town it brought ten amazing artists and bands with it.  Billed as the “First Annual SpiritFest”, we can only hope this festival continues to visit Texas Rangers Ballpark for years to come.

Switchfoot is one of those amazing bands who continue to have success in both mainstream and Christian markets.  They are an alternative rock band of California surfers who have nestled themselves into a permanent spot on my iPod and a few others I’m sure.

Projects and heavy touring.  These guys have been busy.  Did you catch them on Jay Leno last month?  Late last year (Sept 2013) the band released a rockumentary/surf film, Fading West, which is also the name of the new album that dropped just this week (January 2014).  

Being one of the closing acts for SpiritFest DFW, Switchfoot rocked the Rangers Ballpark the way it deserves to be rocked.  They are clearly a stadium band and it proved to be the perfect setting for their exceptional playlist of epic arena classics (old and new)!

You can preview and download Fading West the album here or check out a trailer for the Fading West movie.

Then take a look below to see a few of the images I recently captured from my coverage of  Switchfoot during SpiritFest DFW at Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, TX.

See more of my Dallas Concert Photographer images including Switchfoot and more SpiritFest DFW coverage.

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