Dallas TX Band Photographer – Saint Motel Music Photography

Dallas TX Band Photographer

Saint Motel

Dallas TX Band Photographer – Saint Motel Music Photography

Recently I did some portrait work for the band Saint Motel.  On their first U.S. headline tour, Saint Motel made an appearance in Dallas, TX at he House of Blues.  Their management contacted me for pre-show portraits and a few shots of the live show.

I met up with the guys  a few hours before the show to create something interesting within the House of Blues.


My favorite thing about music related assignments is the challenge of making something either from “nothing” or the unknown.   Sometimes it’s as exciting as shooting a show.  I didn’t know where we would be, but I knew we had about 15 minutes to do it.

Priority 1 –  making artists feel comfortable.  They work with many photographers and most are likely unknown to the band.  We’re just a stranger coming in for a few minutes.

I welcomed the band to Texas but these guys were the best hosts and made me feel at home in their private backstage area.

We started out in the green room but quickly moved to the hallway and then into the balcony area.

“How do you want us to sit.” “Where would you like us to stand.”  Generally I am not much of a posing photographer when it comes to artists.  I love natural and I like to see how they fall into place naturally.  I do say “Don’t move!” a lot.


I’m a minimalist when it comes to photography and equipment (and life).  I don’t discuss gear much because it’s not at all what excites me about my industry.

For this particular  job I shot with my trusty workhorse the Nikon D700 and my 24-70 2.8 lens.  I used the same setup for their show later that night.


A single flash and 42″ orb modifier on a stand was enough for this job.  Very portable since I was alone and limited on time/space.  But also not much different from my everyday setup.  I travel lite…

I haven’t done much processing yet, but I’ll share a few images from my time with the guys from Saint Motel.

Dallas TX Band Photographer

Dallas TX Band Photographer

Dallas TX Band Photographer with Saint Motel


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