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Alyssa contacted me about a photo session with her boyfriend, Michael and his son, Jacob.  I really wanted to shoot on location at the City of Wylie Municipal Center.  I had stumbled upon it once in its early stages of construction and nearly wiped out when I rounded the corner and saw it there.  It’s a stunning work of art and we didn’t even make it beyond the front grounds.  Apparently it is just as awe-inspiring on the inside.

My knowledge of Wylie was limited so I relied on these two, a teacher and police officer, to lead me around to the next location since they were in familiar territory.    

I was pumped to find that we had access to the Wylie Football Stadium.  So, the second part of the shoot was spent by ourselves on the field and in the stands.  

Photo shoots are sometimes demanding …although little compares to keeping up with a 22-month-old while lugging photography equipment.  Jacob was cool with the camera, comfortable on the football field and we all had fun playing and shooting right up until the sun went down.

Check out Alyssa, Michael and Jacob–    

See their slideshow here!

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