UTA Campus On-Location | Arlington TX Senior Photographer

Construction of the relatively new UTA College Park District has added parking garages, housing and great eateries  to the campus.  The result has been some interesting new architecture.  I’ve been getting to know this area since last fall and it was only a matter of time before I started to use this part of the campus for my senior portraits sessions.

Taylor, being a fan of architecture, was up for the UTA campus adventure so we strolled along an uncharted (for me) path and found an assortment of great features to use for some unique senior portraits.  

One of the best parts of being an on-location senior photographer is the freedom to creatively use parking garages, taco shops and Ford Mustangs for my backdrops.

It was nice and chilly outside, but Taylor hung in there until none of us could stand it anymore.  Maybe that’s the downside to being an on-location photographer?  Not a chance!  It all adds to the exciting experience and adventure of the senior portrait session.       

Check out just a few of the images we created for Taylor’s senior portrait session…

And congrats to Taylor and the Seguin High School Class of 2013!

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